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                                                              Noord-Holland, Netherlands

                                                              2月始めの4日間はAmsterdamにて開催されるJapanese Craft &Designの

                           展示MONO JAPANに参加いたします。Amsterdamを代表するデザインホテル

                           であり、芸術や文化の発信拠点でもあるLLOYD HOTELの各室を展示会場に



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7.20-23           水円            沖縄県中頭郡読谷村座喜味367                     

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       kitta       澤野 孝・ 澤野 由布子                                   English


      ’98   くらしの中で自分たちの着る草木染や刺し子の衣をつくりはじめる

      ’01   兵庫県明石市の旅館の屋上にて「衣食住音を自分たちでつくりだす」を


      ’04   虹色草木染・kittaとして衣の制作を本格的にはじめる

      ’05   千葉県鴨川市に移住。地域通貨とコミュニティのあるくらしにとっぷりつかる

      ’10   染色家 角寿子氏に出会い 環境国際NGO Earth Network へ参加

      ’11   沖縄本島北部へ移住。比嘉琉球藍製造所と出会い、琉球藍の栽培と


      ’15   kitta の roots  work section ’aabi’ を立ち上げ、染料の自給や採集に励む



       現在は 日常着、晴れ着、労働着 をテーマに展示会をひらいたり
     「 草木素衣」と題し、参加者が自分の手で縫い、染めて

     kitta HP内で流れる音楽は全て孝の手によるものである

      Yuko Sawano and Takashi Sawano


     kitta is based in Okinawa, an island on the southern edge of Japan. 

     We create indigo-dyed clothes, run an indigo plant farm, and create music.


    1998   We began making clothes from naturally dyed fabrics and quilting.

               We were self taught.

    2004   Started doing business as “kitta”. The full name in Japanese means

               “rainbow colour natural dyes - kitta”.

    2005   We moved to Kamogawa City in Chiba, where we lived in a

                self- sufficient community and farmed rice fields.

   2010   We met the dyeing-artist Hisako Kado and became involved in

               an NGO focused on international cooperation on the environment

               called Earth Network.

    2011   We moved to the northern part of Okinawa. This was when I first

               encountered the Ryukyu indigo plant and  became involved

               in it’s cultivation and the creation of indigo based dyes

              based on natural lye fermentation.

  2015 W e began “aabi” as a part of kitta. It’s focused on growing dye plants.

             It is focused on cultivation and study of the dye.


   We try to do everything with our own hands, without the assistance of a factory.

   We rely on the help of our community and try to do all aspects of the job

   ourselves- design,  dyeing the fabric over wood burning fires, sewing and selling.

   We have begun running workshops around the theme of creating clothes

    for situations ranging   from everyday, celebrations and working called

   “Soumoku - soi”. Participants dye and sew  their own creations.

   Takashi is a musician who creates music under the name

   “Sawa” or “Sawadii”.So far he has produced four albums of music.

   His music has been used in documentary films and also plays

   in the background of the kitta homepage